Hands-On Mission Opportunity: UMCOR Hygiene Health Kits for Ukraine

The United Methodist Women are collecting UMCOR Hygiene Health Kits where the greatest need at the present is Ukraine. Below, you can find a description of the items needed and assembly instructions for the kits. Kits are to be returned to the Church Office by Sunday, April 3rd.


  • One hand towel (15 x 25 or 17 x 27 – no kitchen, cleaning, or microfiber towels)
  • One washcloth (thin type; no kitchen, cleaning, or microfiber towels)
  • One comb (Must be sturdy with at least 6″ of teeth; no pocket combs or picks; rattail and combs w/o handles acceptable so long as they have 6″ of teeth)
  • One fingernail clipper (No emery boards or metal nail files)
  • Bath-size soap (3 oz or larger; no Ivory or Jergen’s; do not remove packaging)
  • One adult toothbrush (do not remove packaging; personal advertising not acceptable)
  • 10 adhesive bandages (3/4 x 3 in.; common household bandages acceptable)
  • One 1-gal. size resealable bag

Assembly Instructions

  1. Lay hand towel flat on a table or surface
  2. Lay the washcloth in the center of the hand towel
  3. Place all remaining items (except the plastic bag) on top of the washcloth
  4. Fold the sides of the hand towel to cover the items
  5. Grasp the bundle tightly and roll over the remainder of the towel
  6. Place the tightly rolled bundle in the plastic bag, remove air, and seal

If you have any questions, please contact Linda Schwartz.
Copies of this information is also available in Trinity’s Welcome Center.