Seeking Barnabas Encouragers for our young people away from home

Please consider being a part of this important ministry. Barnabas encouraged and
supported the Apostle Paul’s ministry and his name even means “son of
encouragement”. As a church, we would like to encourage the journeys of our college
students and young people in the armed services. To do this, we need volunteers to
communicate with these young people while they are away from their church home.

Each volunteer will be assigned one student and is asked to pray for them and
communicate with them in whatever way is comfortable for both of them (cards, texts, emails, sending
treats, etc.) a few times during the year. You can also talk to and encourage your student when they
are home on breaks. It’s a great way to build a relationship with someone new! And it’s a great way for
young people to feel the support of the church in a very concrete way.

Please sign up in the Welcome Center if you would like to be a “Barnabas” and if you (or your son or daughter) would like to be connected with a “Barnabas”, please share the school address and email. If you have any questions, contact Heather Burtch at .